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I Am My Own Worst Enemy.

Posted in Rambles
on February 22, 2017

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For those of you out there who were fearing that I had fallen into a deep dark blogging abyss never to resurface, you were partially correct. As per usual, I like to go through a little mini crisis about my blog every couple of months where I doubt everything I write, put down every idea I have and therefore DON’T WRITE ANYTHING.Β And the more I think about not writing, the more I decided I should probably write about WHY that’s happening. Because this isn’t just something that impacts my blog, but impacts my daily life as well. So, we’re going to get a little personal on the blog today. Here goes.

As the title states, I believe that I Am My Own Worst Enemy. And why is this I hear you ask? Because I let Judge Kayleigh take control 70% of the time. And recently, she’s being very, very noisy in my head right now.Β And who is Judge Kayleigh? Ultimately, she’s that voice telling me No. She’s a voice of resistance, judging me, and making decisions about who I am for doing certain things, before I’ve even done them. And she certainly doesn’t just exist for me. I’m pretty sure that most of us have someone banging the gavel in our brains, telling us we’re useless, telling us we should feel guilty or simply stopping us from doing things we want to try. We all have a different name for this voice, and for some it is louder than for others. But on this present day, Judge Kayleigh is really being very loud.

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