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Bring on 2017: My Resolutions then and now!

Posted in Rambles
on January 2, 2017

2017 New Year Resolutions

It’s ok guys, we have finally made it to 2017! It’s been one hell of a year for me, and for the world, and so I wanted to take a little look back at my resolutions from last year and see if I stuck to my guns! Plus set myself a few challenges for the year ahead. So here goes…

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To Swipe, or Not to Swipe: My Problems with Dating in 2016

Posted in Rambles
on September 20, 2016

So here it is guys. I’m going to be pretty damn frank and embarrassing about dating and may regret posting this when all my friends and work colleagues are like LOL WHAT DID YOU POST THAT WEIRDO BLOG POST FOR?!

But. I feel like I need to get this off my chest.

My Problems with Dating in 2016 - Cup of Koko Blog

I’ve been single for almost a year now. I came out of what was, quite frankly, an unhealthy relationship, which was doing me more harm than good. And so, once that relationship ended I moved on quite quickly (There were serious reasons why it was so easy to move on.. but that’s not something for the blog i’m afraid!). So, I know I’m only about… 10 months into being single. But…

I’m starting to get REALLY tetchy about it.

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New Year, New Mindset: My 2016 Resolutions

Posted in Rambles
on January 3, 2016

 photo NYE_zps0316csgp.jpg

Now, I will admit that I did write a lovely blog post all about construction helpful resolutions and how I came up with mine. But i made the rookie error of not saving my work, and came back to find it all gone. So unfortunately this post is no more, but I hope that you will enjoy reading my resolutions regardless (and be safe in the knowledge that learning how to use the WordPress App properly is one of them!!). It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year for me (ending with a party that involved bouncy castles.. so a mental year!), and I am in such a different mindset now than I was 12 months ago. It’s time for me to develop this and I hope that my resolutions will help me to develop further and find out more new things about me 🙂 If there’s one thing I learnt from 2015, there’s so much of me that I haven’t discovered yet, and 2016 is certainly the time do it. So here goes. If I put these resolutions on the internet then I have to do them, so HERE’S MY GOALS AND RESOLUTIONS FOR THIS YEAR:

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