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BARCELOCA: My guide to the best spots in Barcelona

Posted in Travel
on October 6, 2016

First of all.. THIS IS MY 50TH BLOG POST SO HIYA! WOOOP! Anyway.. carrying on…

So it’s been slightly quieter on the blog and all my social media as late as I have been VERY lucky to have some time off and take a little holiday. And if you hadn’t read from my previous post, I took a solo trip to the wonderful city of Barcelona. I had… THE BEST TIME EVER. So I wanted to share what I got up to whilst I was there, some of my fave spots I think you MUST visit, and some very silly photos of me being… well just silly old me.

Firstly… It wouldn’t be a Kayleigh Solo trip without a video mash up (although not as much as Thailand.. I was only there for 4 days!) So I recommend checking out my video below first so you can get a feel for how awesome Barcelona is.

So, now you have had a little see for yourself, I’ll start to ramble on!

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Solo Success: How to travel alone!

Posted in Travel
on September 26, 2016

I mean, I don’t think I’ve really spoken about this enough to be honest so.. I’M GOING TO BARCELONA ON TUESDAY. BARCA. ON TUESDAY. ME… Alone. ALONE. ANOTHER TRIP ALONE. EEeeeek.

Now if you had said to me this time last year that I would be hitting the Spanish sands alone I would have laughed in your face. There were days when I was nervous just being alone in my own house in case someone rang the doorbell (YO ANXIETY.. WHATS UP?!) But, nowadays, the happier, healthier and more confident me has decided that a bit of alone time is actually what we need every now and then.

Solo Success: How to prep for a trip alone!
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How to Embrace your Fear of the Unknown

Posted in Rambles, Travel
on August 29, 2016

How to Embrace your fear of the Unknown - Cup of Koko Lifestyle Blog

How many times in your life have you faced a choice, and it’s outcome has altogether scared the crap out of you? It could be choosing to leave a relationship, deciding to up sticks and move to a new city or country, or could be as simple as booking that first ever solo trip to somewhere on the other side of the planet. Throughout our lives we reach certain points where we have to make a decision: do we take the easy road, or face our fears of the unknown?

With many young people starting University in the coming weeks (and after a tweet from one of my readers – Thanks @CharlotteHall26) I thought it a great opportunity to share how I cope when feeling nervous or scared about unknown situations. Only recently I started a new job, and it doesn’t matter how many new jobs I do… that first-day-of-school feeling still appears. It appeared when I sat on the plane to Thailand on my own, and it also appeared when my parents shut the door and left the house that I moved into in London at 18. But, this is a fear we should embrace, because the unknown presents new and exciting opportunities. So, lovely BRAVE readers, here’s my tips on how to handle your fears when diving into a new experiences.

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What I learned… Travelling Solo in Asia

Posted in Rambles, Travel
on May 5, 2016

 photo 20160423_134150_zpscuchmff0.jpg

Hello M’dears,

So if you aren’t aware either because you haven’t stalked my instagram or you haven’t read my latest post (HOW DARE YOU?! Get yourself to my previous blog post IMMEDIATELY), I recently returned from my first ever solo trip to Thailand. And it was a serious eye opener. I learnt so much about SO MUCH that I literally feel the best way to extend this knowledge to you guys is just to list it. So, if you ever wanna travel solo or you’re thinking about a cheeky trip to Thailand then READ ON. Or if you just want to laugh at all the mistakes I made then… please do feel free to laugh as you go down the list…

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