RUSH to the Rescue: My review of RUSH Wimbledon Village

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on April 26, 2017

I’ve never been the most high maintenance girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dolled up for a night out with my girls! But, usually, i’m a roll out of bed, into the shower and out the house kinda girl. Basically, my hair gets ignored.  So when RUSH invited me to come visit their new Salon at Wimbledon Village, I could hardly say No!

I must admit, I’ve never thought RUSH would be a salon I’d visit. I always used to assume that chain hairdressers tended to be “not as good”. I mean, I have no idea where this belief came from (maybe because I usually always go to someone independent) but I’ve never been compelled to visit. Needless to say, my experience has totally changed my mind! In fact I’ve already re-booked for a cut and colour before my best friends wedding. 😉

Upon arrival, I was firstly taken aback by how beautiful the place was. I mean seriously, it was so damn pretty (to match how damn pretty Wimbledon Village is by the way. If you have never visited then GO!). Chandeliers and mirrors everywhere, plus bowls of free chocolate (Lindor. My fave. I had to resist SO HARD!)

After being greeted by the host, I was sat down for my initial consultation with my stylist. Deep breath. Time for the truth. And honestly, my hair is not ok. Years of rough drying, home dyeing and damage from being bleach obsessed in my teens has left me with very dry locks. But my stylist helped to talk through my options for getting it back on the road to recovery. I explained how I was trying to grow my hair so she took off the absolute minimum she could and didn’t go overboard (which I know is everyone’s fear. My hair is still long huzzah!) She also recommended me a tonne of products I should be using as well as showing me the best way to dry my hair to ensure that I avoid more damage. Honestly, I came out feeling so much better about my hair as well as having the most beautiful bouncy blow dry.

Fave moment of the whole experience? THE HAIR WASH. Now I know this is usually everyone’s fave moment because who DOESN’T love a cheeky head massage BUT this was SOMETHING ELSE. I was lead down the coridoor to the washing area around the corner and it was like being in a Thai spa! The lights were low, candles were on, my chair turned into what I can only describe as a hair washing bed of dreams. Essentially… IT WAS THE BEST HAIR WASH OF MY LIFE. I know i’m dramatic, but seriously, if I could get that weekly I think I would feel significantly less stressed about my life!

So clearly, I recommend you all pay a little visit to Rush in Wimbledon Village. Book your appointments online, here. They are a new Salon so they are currently offering 50% off between Monday to Friday if you use the code RUSH50 to book so defo get on it my lovelies. I was offered a free wash and blow dry for my review, but all views are totally my own and my views are: GO VISIT BECAUSE YOU GET THE BEST HAIR WASH AND FREE CHOCOLATES. Plus, a seriously sexy blow dry.

Happy Hairstyling Y’all!

– Koko x

Photos are copyright of RUSH Hairdressing

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