Wingman to the rescue: BarChick Concierge

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on March 16, 2016

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I think it is hardly surprising that I like a drink. Whether you know me in person, or only know me through this blog, I have a bit of a taste for a tipple. I love a Sauvignon, Appletini or those dreamy tea cocktails from Experimental Cocktail Club. So, you will understand my PURE JOY when today i discovered BarChick’s Concierge service. CAN I JUST ADD IN HERE THAT THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST? I LOVE IT SO MUCH THAT I AM GENUINELY JUST SPREADING THE LOVE!!

Ahem, anyway. Essentially, you put in your number on the website, and BarChick will text you back asking you what you are looking for, how many people, what time, location, etc. They then start a conversation with you.. BY TEXT (Did i mention that?) to find the perfect venue for your occasion, AND THEN PROCEED TO BOOK IT FOR YOU! (Sorry – there’s a lot of capital letters in this post but I feel can only express my excitement through punctuation and the Caps Lock key.) Seriously, there is an awesome BarChick out there right now, just waiting for you to get in touch so they can sort your night out for you. Even if it’s at the last minute. It has quite frankly taken all the pain out of planning a night out, and then getting so frustrated that you just end up in your local Wetherspoons! WETHERSPOONS BE GONE I TELL YE – FOR BARCHICK IS HERE TO SAVE US ALL!

So my 25th (vom) Birthday is currently in the wise and experienced hands of BarChick Concierge, who is currently checking if there’s space available for me and my guests at my shortlisted venues. Great advice, no fuss for me, and seriously the simplest way to get in touch (Especially if you get awkward talking on the phone … HOLLA!!) If you hadn’t noticed, I THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND YOU ALL TRY THIS IMMEDIATELY. I mean.. not immediately if you are planning a night in with Pretty Little Liars on repeat, but if right now you fancy getting your gladrags on and having a drink up, get in touch and let BarChick do the planning whilst you use your free hands to apply those fake eyelashes!!

Here’s me with a little gin number i tried at the weekend. Loves me a cocktail I do. And I love it even more when someone is planning where i drink one for me. #livingthedream

 photo 1934972_10206135069040977_2159609859067715894_n_zpsyqbyiywm.jpg

If you want more information about BarChick, then check out the website ( which is genuinely the one site I go to for finding no-nonsense reviews on bars before planning a big night out. And if you want to jump right in there after my recommendation then go straight to the BarChick Concierge site ( and they will plan your craaazy night out for you, FOR FREE.

Ok… Time to calm down and step away from the Caps Lock button.

Happy Drinking Blogeroonies (but keep it responsible, kids!)

– Koko x

P.s Just a note again to say that this isΒ NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to gush. All overly dramatic opinions are my own. Ta x


Image above owned by BarChick.

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