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March 2016

Wingman to the rescue: BarChick Concierge

Posted in Eats, Rambles
on March 16, 2016

barchickconcierge photo BarChick-Concierge_zpshyvb1ypc.jpg

I think it is hardly surprising that I like a drink. Whether you know me in person, or only know me through this blog, I have a bit of a taste for a tipple. I love a Sauvignon, Appletini or those dreamy tea cocktails from Experimental Cocktail Club. So, you will understand my PURE JOY when today i discovered BarChick’s Concierge service. CAN I JUST ADD IN HERE THAT THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST? I LOVE IT SO MUCH THAT I AM GENUINELY JUST SPREADING THE LOVE!!

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The Ladies I Love: A Celebratory Tea Party!

Posted in Eats, Rambles
on March 8, 2016

ladiesilovemotherofallteaprtiescooperative photo Tea for Me_zpswbk7rmbt.jpg

Good Afternoon You Lovely Lot,

ONCE AGAIN… Sorry for my absence from the blogosphere. It’s been a craaazy month, with my current job finishing and saying goodbye to a whole host of excellent people (which we will come back to later!). However, the timing of this job closing fits extremely nicely into my theme for today: WOMEN! We have just celebrated Mothers Day on Sunday and today is International Women’s Day HUZZAH! So what better way to celebrate than with tea, cake, and a little blog post all about the women who inspire me? Thankfully, the Cooperative were on my wavelength and provided me with all the goodies needed to host the Mother of All Tea Parties (So thanks guys, that Red Velvet cake I’ll come back to later…) And let us begin!
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