Where’s the WOMANce?!

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on January 21, 2016

Hey Y’all! Sorry for the recent silence. As always.. when my life gets manic, my blog goes quiet. However, I have found a spare half an hour and had a real need to blog my feelings about something. It may not be super interesting to everyone, but girls… it’s something I think we all need to have a think about.

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Lol at my “I Can’t Do the Splits” face….

I am super lucky to work with a bunch of super strong, talented, funny and supportive women. No matter what’s going on in our daily lives, I know they have my back. Always. But recently, I have noticed that this isn’t the case for everyone. We live in world where women are still fighting for equal rights, and an independent voice, and although this has been achieved in the Western world… I sometimes look around and think.. “ARGH… Why are we SO unsupportive?” Because most of the time, it’s not the opposite sex that is tearing down the feats of womankind… it’s women themselves. In a society where women are only now starting to feel confident in their skin, working harder to gain that promotion and putting themselves into competitive environments which were previously only for the boys, why are there women out there who want to tear down this hard work? I don’t often hear men bitching about how fat so-and-so’s thighs look, or how on earth SHE got that payrise. It’s usually a lot of girl on girl bitching… and you know what ladies… THAT ISN’T RIGHT!

Maybe it’s down to a lack of confidence. Or it could just be boredom. But it’s so easy nowadays to judge our fellow females because of what they wore, or who they are going out with, or even what job they have. We can go to the gossip pages of our favourite magazine and judge people, just because we can! But I am starting to feel like this bitchfest is NOT THE ONE! I have been so incredibly lucky to work on a show that is all about promoting equality between race and gender, and one of it’s overarching themes is that women are super strong and bloody brilliant. Especially women in sport!! It’s taught me so much about confidence in myself, confidence in my body and confidence in my own unique abilities. We all have them. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. And we are all different in what makes us awesome. We should be spending our time making those parts of us shine, rather than tearing down what makes others great!

I can’t say I am entirely innocent. We all have our moments where we need to vent. But we are part of exciting times where women are becoming more powerful, more prominent and WAY more sassy than they could ever be before. Should we be dampening these brilliant women’s spirits by being negative? NO! Shouldn’t we be looking at what these women are achieving and think “HELL YEAH. This Woman is AWESOME!”? ABSOLUTELY! It’s an easy fix. Instead of tearing each other down through sheer envy, we should be building each other up so that those ladies at the forefront can lead the way for the rest of us to make our mark too. It’s a change of thought that not only builds the confidence of your peers, but also gives you the power to show that you can be that support for someone else.

So ladies, here is your homework. Get together a group of your closest girlfriends, bring in the vino, and rather than sit around bitching… Let’s talk about how bloody well excellent everyone is, how your friend is doing amazing at her job, how you heard so-and-so is beasting it in the gym and is looking incredible!! We need to support each other if we are to achieve more. So let’s start small. Be that one who boosts up your friends. And hopefully, when you need it, your girls will have your back too!

OK RANT OVER. Love you all. Lets be powerful women, OKAY?!

– Koko x

P.s I dedicate this post to my super amazing colleagues. They make my life excellent. And I love them a lot. THAT IS ALL.

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