New Year, New Mindset: My 2016 Resolutions

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on January 3, 2016

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Now, I will admit that I did write a lovely blog post all about construction helpful resolutions and how I came up with mine. But i made the rookie error of not saving my work, and came back to find it all gone. So unfortunately this post is no more, but I hope that you will enjoy reading my resolutions regardless (and be safe in the knowledge that learning how to use the WordPress App properly is one of them!!). It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year for me (ending with a party that involved bouncy castles.. so a mental year!), and I am in such a different mindset now than I was 12 months ago. It’s time for me to develop this and I hope that my resolutions will help me to develop further and find out more new things about me 🙂 If there’s one thing I learnt from 2015, there’s so much of me that I haven’t discovered yet, and 2016 is certainly the time do it. So here goes. If I put these resolutions on the internet then I have to do them, so HERE’S MY GOALS AND RESOLUTIONS FOR THIS YEAR:

Write, Write and then Write some more.

I have really enjoyed my blogging experience so far and it is absolutely something that I want to continue into 2016. I may not have many followers yet, I may not have found my “niche” as so many say I need to find. But I am happy writing what I like and it has given me a creative outlet that I didn’t know existed. I need to learn how to plan ahead, schedule posts and eventually get some camera experience going down!! So expect much more from Cup of Koko next year. And maybe a book. I’d like to attempt writing a book. But yeah let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much…

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

I have always been the “sensible one”. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, until it starts making you anxious about trying anything new, just in case you get in trouble/hurt yourself/hurt someone else/embarass yourself. THIS MINDSET IS NOW BANISHED. By all means I understand that you have to calculate the risks before doing anything (I won’t be jumping off a cliff face anytime soon) but I definitely have permission to tell that niggling voice in my head that things will NOT BE AS BAD AS I EXPECT THEM TO BE. Time to say Yes to things I wouldn’t normally, and to face my fears with confidence. I have always wanted to try doing videos on youtube, or create a podcast, so who knows what new and exciting things I will try in 2016!

Stop being a lazy bum.

I mean this is a pretty obvious one, but I have recently got a bit lazy in terms of my fitness. This seems hilarious to some who know how much fitter I have got over the last 9 months (Thanks to my Job!) but 2016 is definitely the time to find out what type of fitness really clicks with me. I have dabbled with weight training and I think looking into this more could be a fun move. BRING ON THE MUSCLE!

Get back into the kitchen!

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking. But recently I have created excuses that meant I haven’t spent proper time in the kitchen making myself healthy, yummy meals to fuel my body properly. The amount I have spent on buying food that I could make myself is AWFUL and it needs to change if I ever want to be able to afford a house one day (Woah, grown up talk!). I have just purchased Joe Wick’s Lean in 15 book which is full of quick healthy meals so hopefully this will be the start (and will be the birth of an awesome blog post reviewing the book. I’m so excited to try it!). So it’s time to get my apron on and get cooking, because I deserve it!

And finally, Learn something new!

Again, this is a pretty obvious one. But learning doesn’t stop once you leave school. I really feel desperate to learn something new. So this will be my main resolution for the year! I just received a sewing machine for my Christmas (Thanks Santa!) so it will likely be learning how to create myself some lovely clothes, or I could continue getting better at crochet which I began learning at the end of 2015. Or maybe it will be something totally different. I have always loved learning, and I think the more you learn the more interesting a person you can grow to be. I don’t know specifically what this will be yet, but I am excited for the prospect of being a more educated Kayleigh by the end of 2016.

So these are my resolutions. They are pretty obvious, I won’t lie, but they have given me a sense of direction and clarity and, realistically, that is what resolutions are for. They are for the person writing them, to give them a focus for the upcoming year. I would love to hear what you resolutions are this year, so hit me up in the comments box and let me know what you hope to achieve in 2016!

Happy New Year to all of you reading, and here’s to 2016!!

– Koko x

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