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January 2016

Growing Down: Advice from 5-Year-Old Me

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on January 26, 2016

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I was lying in my bed the other morning realising that I am almost 25. Twenty-fudging-five. When I was 13 years old, I used to see 25 year old’s as the epitome of being mature, on track and living the dreamy life with a house, a super hunky hubby and a career that made me the ultimate Girl Boss. BOY WAS I WRONG? It’s only as you work your way through your twenties that you realise that life is NOT an easy ride. And I am certainly not feeling mature, on track or living the dreamy life with said house/hubby/girl boss worthy career. The more I thought about how manic my life is as an adult, the more I realised how SIMPLE things were when we were children. And it got me thinking that maybe our 25 year old selves could take a few pointers from our 5 year old selves. Maybe we need to see things more simply! So, in that vain, it’s time to Grow Down kids. HERE’S SOME ADVICE FROM 5 YEAR OLD KAYLEIGH!
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Where’s the WOMANce?!

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on January 21, 2016

Hey Y’all! Sorry for the recent silence. As always.. when my life gets manic, my blog goes quiet. However, I have found a spare half an hour and had a real need to blog my feelings about something. It may not be super interesting to everyone, but girls… it’s something I think we all need to have a think about.

 photo d342f034-01f6-4155-a520-94e893ba978f_zpsofs3wuck.jpg
Lol at my “I Can’t Do the Splits” face….

I am super lucky to work with a bunch of super strong, talented, funny and supportive women. No matter what’s going on in our daily lives, I know they have my back. Always. But recently, I have noticed that this isn’t the case for everyone. We live in world where women are still fighting for equal rights, and an independent voice, and although this has been achieved in the Western world… I sometimes look around and think.. “ARGH… Why are we SO unsupportive?” Because most of the time, it’s not the opposite sex that is tearing down the feats of womankind… it’s women themselves. In a society where women are only now starting to feel confident in their skin, working harder to gain that promotion and putting themselves into competitive environments which were previously only for the boys, why are there women out there who want to tear down this hard work? I don’t often hear men bitching about how fat so-and-so’s thighs look, or how on earth SHE got that payrise. It’s usually a lot of girl on girl bitching… and you know what ladies… THAT ISN’T RIGHT!
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50 Things That Make Me Happy

Posted in Rambles
on January 12, 2016

I have never done a Tag post, and I discovered this very post on – a super cute beauty and lifestyle blog. She challenges all of her readers to have a go, and seeing as I have never done a Tag before.. I thought “Why the hell not?”! So on this gloomy, cold Sunday, here are 50 things that definitely make me a happy bunny.

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Babes that Blog: My Fave Blogs So Far

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on January 10, 2016

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It’s pretty clear that I am fairly new to this blogging business. But I really wouldn’t have plucked up the courage to give this blogging nonsense a go had it not been for the mass of well-written, inspirational blogs and their awesome, courageous and downright cool writers. And so, I would like to bestow unto you, my very few readers, a list of my favourite blogs and bloggers, so that I can feel like I am not the only one fan-girling this lot on a daily basis. (I’m definitely not the only one, but please feel free to join me!) LET THE ADORATION BEGIN. 

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