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October 2015

Bric-A-Brac and Brown & Greens: A Sunday Morning in Crystal Palace

Posted in Eats
on October 19, 2015

Sometimes on a Sunday you want to spend your day in bed, completely enveloped in your duvet, with bacon in ongoing supply. Or, like me and a couple of my friends, you decide to book a ticket for The Wine Show Chelsea (more about that another day!). So with a day of wine consumption ahead, it was decided that a hearty breakfast was definitely the way to start the day, and where else than the beautiful Crystal Palace to kick off the morning!

With the opening of the new Brown & Greens café just off of the Crystal Palace triangle, it seemed like that would be the best place to start. However, for Crystal Palace newbie Hannah, me and the mister took a diversion to show how the wonder that is Haynes Lane Market: a treasure trove of vintage, bric-a-bric and completely random objects!

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Ditching the Meat at Domali

Posted in Eats
on October 16, 2015


I’d walked past Domali several times on Westow Street, Crystal Palace, and had always commented that I “had to try it”. So needless to say, the shopfront itself doesn’t instantly draw you in. But Domali’s constantly full tables and bustling vibe had always appealed and I am glad I finally sat down to taste what they had to offer.

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Peeple… People who need people…

Posted in Rambles
on October 5, 2015


No, I promise this is not a Barbra Streisand appreciation post (although clearly I need to schedule one of those soon). Nope, unfortunately the digital world has once again caused uproar after the announcement of a new app, Peeple, due to be available next month. So why is an app causing such an outrage?

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Bloglovin – Eeeek!

Posted in Rambles
on October 4, 2015


It’s official! I can finally be found on Bloglovin!

If you want to follow my goings on via the amazing website and app that is Bloglovin then click the link below or check out my bloglovin link on my social icons to the right!

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Now, time to explore the website and start following some new blogs!

Catch ya later!

– Koko x